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Market Research

Marketing Research


How do you know how to get somewhere if you don't know where you are going?


To find out your Customer Persona(s), your Customer Journey, key words for Google ads and SEO, what your customers are watching to, listening to, what website they visit, what social media they use most, what they do in their free time, you need to do your research. If you don't know, let our proven research process tell you.

Same applies to business. Our research process helps you identify your customers, what they do, what they watch, what social media sites they visit, what they do for fun, all to help you spend your marketing dollars wisely, as well as uncover some unique ways to reach and engage your customers.

For example, a mortgage company wanted to get more loans. They looked at research that showed that those looking to refinance also tended to want to take a cruise. So they ran a promotion that if you refinanced, you were entered to win one of five cruises they were giving away. That promotion saw applications increase by 15%.

We use a variety of research sources, from local surveys that focus on a market, to national ones that can give you a better picture, to completely custom research done specifically for your company.

Only 17% of marketers use landing page A/B tests to improve conversion rates.
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    ROI Stats

    Adults spend 3:43 (hrs:mins) per day on their mobile devices, as opposed to 3:35 per day watching television.

    > eMarketer, April 2019

    During the COVID-19 lockdowns, 51% of Gen Z (8-23 year olds) and 44% of Millennials (23-39 year olds) said they are consuming more online videos. 45% of Gen X (40-54 year olds) and 42% of Boomers (55-75 year olds) are watching more broadcast TV.

    > World Economic Forum