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Planning and Strategy

Do You Have A Marketing Plan?


Mapping out your Marketing Strategy and having a Plan to follow will put you ahead of the game, and will allow you to make tweaks easier and adjust when change happens.

Ben Franklin said “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.”

And that couldn’t be more true in business, sales and marketing. Knowing what you are doing, but more importantly, why you are doing it, can save your organization time, money and wasted effort.

Let us help you develop the strategy to get your marketing plan running on all cylinders (see what we did there), that way you can focus on other things in your business.

Statistics show that documenting your strategies gives you a 538% greater chance of being successful in your efforts. The main reason you need to document your marketing strategy is to provide visibility to everyone.

> Content Marketing Institute

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    Marketing Planning Stats

    Marketers who set goals have a 429 percent greater chance of reporting successful campaigns, and 81 percent achieve their goals.

    > Salesforce

    Successful marketers are 242 percent more likely to conduct frequent audience research. Additionally, 56 percent of professional and experienced marketers say that they perform audience research at least once per month.

    > Mailchimp