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About Us

A new way to look at how marketing should work


How Cylinder
Was Started

At Cylinder: >Marketing, we couldn’t find a good name to call ourselves. We tried Cylinder Associates, but that was too boring. We also tried putting Advisers and Consultants and a whole bunch of other words after Cylinder, but nothing just really rang true. That’s because we said that we are “more than just marketing.”

And that’s when it hit us! That is exactly who we are. We are more than just a marketing firm. We look at your entire business and then provide you with business building strategies to help you reach your sales and organizational objectives.

So what does it mean to be More Than Marketing. It means that even though we are marketers, we can help your entire business. We can help sales, production, customer and technical service as well. We could even help out your bean counters in accounting. With our decades of experience in business, we are more than just marketing company.

And our system in simple. Using proven strategies learned over decades in business, we can get to the heart of your problem and provide you with solutions quickly, speeding up your success.