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How The Sales Funnel Has Changed

You Need To Be In Front Of Your Customers Through Out The Buying Process

Not so long ago, it was the role of the Marketing Department to build Awareness and Interest for a company’s product or service. Done mainly done through traditional media, customers would see your ad and call you and talk to a sales person. And that’s when they would educate the customer on your product, see if it was the right fit and do a demo. If all things went correctly, they would buy from you.

The Internet drastically changed that. Now it is up to marketing to do a lot of that work that your sales team used to do. Customers now go out and find companies first. They Google keywords and do a bunch of the research on the product or service before they even make a call or send an email. And when they do finally contact you, research says they are 60% to 80% of their way through the buying process.

A look at two sales funnels that shows how people buy today.

So to compete in today’s environment, you want to make sure that you are in front of your potential customers first when they are searching for information. That’s why producing content like buying guides, or How-To’s or webinars help set you apart from you competitors.

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