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Why You Need A Brand Identity

How you look to people sometimes can mean if they become a customer or not.

Would you buy from a store that had paint pealing from the walls? Or if it had a stale smell when you walked in? What about if the parking lot was all tore up and had potholes? What if the guy behind the counter had a shirt with torn holes in it?

Items that have the same colors and logos.

Probably not. And why is that? Because if they ‘look’ like that, how can their product or service be any good, right? Well, they may be the best at what they do, but first impressions mean everything. And looking the part does too.

That’s why you have to look professional in everything you do. In your store or office. On your website. And in your brochures or printed materials. Your ads. Everything. And that’s where a brand identity comes in. This is a set of standards that everyone will use when it comes to anything external a customer will see, or internal that employees will see.

For many, that means a logo. Does you have a logo you are proud of? There are many sites that can help get you started with a logo. You just need to finish it, or have a graphic designer do it.

What about colors? Certain colors mean certain things. Like red means excitement. Orange stands for optimism. Check out what colors mean in logos below, and also check out how colors relate to each other by playing with the color wheel.

And another big one is your font choice. What fonts you chose to can lend credibility to your business. A restaurant can you a more fun font. A law or accounting firm will need to use a more professional one. Check some out below.

These are just three of the many things that going into your brand identity, but are three of the most crucial.

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