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Tips For What To Do During A Trade Show

Make Sure You Do These To Make Sure You Have A Successful Trade Show

The show is underway and there is no turning back. What do you do now to make sure things to smoothly? Here are some trade show tips we have gathered over the years.

One of the biggest things to do during a trade show is to have a meeting with everyone that will be there right before the show opens. This gives everyone a quick rundown of what is in the booth, and what is expected of everyone and you can go over any last minute changes or news.

People walking around a trade show.

Make sure you have a booth schedule. You need this so people know when they need to be in the booth to help out. That way they can plan their day of attending seminars or walk the convention floor to look at competitors and others in your industry.

Have your booth stocked with a cooler and bottles of water for your employees. Feel free to have other snacks, but make sure not to eat in front of people attending the trade show.

One of the biggest No-Nos that people do is they put all of their backpacks in on pile where everyone can see, which makes the booth look bad. Try to have something (like a table with a cloth or if you have a big enough booth, a closet) where people can store items. That way your booth looks clean and professional.

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