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Why Outsource Your Marketing To An Agency?

Get A Marketing Agency For A Fraction Of The Cost Hiring Your Own Team

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The main reason you want hire a Marketing Agency (also called an Advertising Agency) is that you will be paying a fraction of the cost as you would if you had your own marketing department. For example, if you wanted to have your own marketing department, you would need:

  • group manager
  • graphic designer
  • copy writer
  • digital specialists (website and eBlasts)
  • digital advertising specialists (Google Ads, etc.)
  • eCommerce specialists (if you sell online)
  • CRM manager
  • video/photography specialists

That team would cost you around $500,000 a year to have on your payroll. But if you were to hire a marketing agency you would pay in some cases 10% of that or $50,000 a year for all of that. Now keep in mind in some bigger companies, this team is busy 100% of the time for that company. But in many cases, some companies don’t need a team like that full time, so that’s how it can be so much less.

Plus with a marketing plan in place, the team know what to work on and works towards those deadlines.

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