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Tips For What To Do After A Trade Show

Good Followup After a Trade Show Will Help Turn Leads Into Sales

The show is over. You are back in the office. Now what?

Well first, you need to followup with all of the leads you got. Right when you get back, you should import them into your CRM system and check to see if you have any missing data. If you do, you need to use a service like ZoomInfo that can supplement your contact with additional data. Then run a report to see ‘Who” stopped by your booth (like job titles) to see if there are any patterns.

Then you need to send a “Thank You” eblast to everyone that stopped by and let them know that someone from your company will be following up with them soon. Also let them know who they need to contact if they need someone right away.

Make sure to send any info or items to people that requested it.

And finally, be sure to track the success of your show. If you have a CRM system, that will be easy. If not, an Excel spreadsheet will work, as long as your sales people let you know when they close a deal. You will want to be able to judge the success of the show this way, and it will let you know if it was a success or not.

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