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Developing Content To Attract More Customers To Your Website

Developing Content Is Easier Than You Think

The main reason you want to develop content is so you can put it on your website. Why is that? So when people search for words or terms that relate to your business, your site will pop up first.

The first thing to do is to ask your customers what questions they have and what it is they want to read about. You would be surprised. In many cases, just some basic information is all they want. Others may want it to be more technical. Then ask your employees what it is that your customers ask about when they talk to them. You will pick up some good ideas there too. Then look around your industry and see if there are any topics of interest.

Once you have what you want to talk about, now you can start developing the content. With each topic, have a couple of bullet points or items you want to cover. Then write a 300 to 1,000 word post on that. These could be Case Studies, White Papers, How-Tos or blog posts. If you don’t have someone to write them, you can hire a freelance copywriter.

In many cases, some of these can also be webinars. Putting a webinar together does take some time, but they can be very beneficial. Check out our blog for more information on webinars.

You can also turn this information into an InfoGraphic, which are graphically designed pages that convey information and data in a visual form.

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